Joe Salles Drum Lessons/live and studio drums

Drum Lesson INFO

For drum lessons and drum clinic appearances, you can contact Joe at Contact him either by his email address or by calling (209)346-5329. His lesson rates are the most reasonable in the area.He accepts cash and personal check (must be local with address/phone number.) Rates are as follows: 80.00 a month (four 30 minute lessons at the rate of 1 per week) 95.00 a month (four 45 minute lessons, one per week) ages 2-7 70.00 monthly (four per month, lesson length will vary depending on age. 2-3 yr old 15min with normally a 20 min max. 4-5 20 min 25 min max, 6-7 yr old 30 min max) 30 min lesson may run up to 40 min. 45 min lesson may run 55-60 min. bi-weekly lesson rate is 150% of regular rate i.e: if someone is on the 80.00 plan with Monday lessons if that said person wants Thursday lessons as well, Thursdays will be an additional 40.00.Total for that said student's monthly fees will only cost 120.00 for TWO 30-40 minute lessons weekly. Plus you, the student (or student's parent(s) will study with one of the very best not just in the county but general area! It does not hurt to say that Mr. Salles is being endorsed by Aquarian Drumhead Co for PRIMARILY his dedication to teaching. Mr Roy Burns, CEO of Aquarian and living drum legend who pioneered the drum clinic and the clinic's format bestowed this honor upon Joe himself! Mr Burns also for well over 3 decades was a first call studio drummer, jazz drummer who played with jazz' best, drummed on TV shows and taught a full schedule of students. Joe would like to thank Mr Burns, Gabe Diaz and everyone at Aquarian. Joe starts ALL students learning the major rudiments (35 of them) right out of the gate. He believes that rudimental knowledge is a must for any drummer's foundation. Some of the method books used but not limited to are: Drumming For Preschoolers by Andy Ziker,Realistic Rock for Kids by Carmine Appice, Syncopation by Ted Reed, Realistic Rock by Carmine Appice, Podemski's Standard Snare Drum Method by Benjamin Podemski, Studio Funk Drumming by Roy Burns and Joey Farris, Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer by Jim Chapin, Funky Thesaurus for the Rock Drummer (odd-time signatures) by Charles Dowd and Encyclopedia of Double bass drumming by Bobby Rondinelli. Joe also has many of his own exercises and utilizes for audio lessons. he also will augment lessons with live video as well.