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Joe Salles is a drum teacher teaching as J.S. Drum Instruction.  He has played drums for almost 40 years and has taught for 25 years. Joe had done many live shows and recordings in the Bay Area.Sacramento and L.A.areas. He also has performed in 9 different states.In 1994, he hosted"Percussion Workshop" a Lodi area public access cable show that ran syndicated for 6 years! All the more amazing considering only 24 episodes were recorded, all in 1994! After the births of his three sons, he devoted more time to  teaching. He is also a busy clinician. He uses a myriad of method books including Stick Control by George Lawrence Stone, Ted Reed's Syncopation, Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer by Jim Chapin, A Funky Primer and A Funky Thesaurus for the Rock Drummer by Charles Dowd, Realistic Rock and Realistic Rock For Kids by Carmine Appice , The Encyclopedia of Double Bass Drumming by Bobby Rondinelli and Double Bass Drumming by Joe Franco.He also uses Studio and Big Band Drumming by noted studio drummer/educator Steve Houghton and Advanced Funk Studies by noted clinician Rick Latham.Books recently added are Podemski's Snare Drum Method, Studio Funk Drumming by Roy Burns and Joey Farris and Drumset For Preschoolers by Andy Ziker. He also uses his own progressive and advanced techniques as well. He, along with all of these method books, teaches rudimental, syncopated and stick control along with bass drum control  techniques. Along with the aforementioned techniques, he teaches all different styles ranging from hip-hop to jazz to rock, heavy metal, funk blues and many more! He can ,for those who have total inability to read music (the world's greatest drummer, Buddy Rich could not read a note with Henry Adler as his teacher in the 1940's)  he can teach by way of ear and common English writings. Lessons are done on 2 full drumkits at his home studio in Tracy, Ca. He also does live shows as Joe Salles. He performs his own drum set compositions to various songs. This is done by loading a device such as an ipod or mp3. The variety of tracks used that can be heard on any given gig range from classical (Mars, the Bringer Of War by Gustav Holst) to jazz (Linus and Lucy by Vince Guaraldi) to rock (The House Of the Rising Sun by The Animals) The classical pieces have no drumset orchestration and are written in movements as opposed to a regular time signature like rock and jazz pieces are. You can get a very good idea of what Joe does by checking out his video page on this website! He is available for recording sessions and live substitute work. Joe has formed SIN-A Tribute to Stone Temple Pilots.. He also can be heard at contributing tracks for various musicians and audio lessons for his students. He is also a contributor to


Joe Salles plays Mapex drums, Mapex Black Panther, Yamaha and Pulse piccolo snare drums. Paiste cymbals, Dream Lion Chinese cymbals, Aquarian drum heads, Vater drumsticks, L.P accessories, Roc-N-Soc throne, CAD, Samson, Audio-Technica and Peavey mics, Behringer mixers, Cakewalk and Sonar software

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